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Speed Helper(HUD)

2.08 usd

Speed Helper is auto(car), bicycle and will display the correct speed.Rotation, acceleration and sharp drop in the slope of the vehicle can be confirmed.HUD (Head Up Display) mode. BMW-style interior is possible(Speed meter).Acceleration and deceleration for changing driving habits, according to the Eco mode(Better fuel economy).* If you install the paid version before installing the free version of the test and install it.* When driving the disappearance of propaganda--------------------Pay differences between versions of--------------------Remove propagandaOther improvements
--------------------The basic functions--------------------speedometer, speed indicator, autometerHUD (Head Up Display) ModeVisual displayKMH <-> MPHECOClinometer(Vehicle Tilt) Display
--------------------How It Works (Speed mode)--------------------GPS will switch to the ON position.Turn the program is located in a smartphone.To use the HUD, turn on the touch screen smart phone will lay reflected in the windshield.
--------------------How It Works (Clinometer mode)--------------------The vehicle is positioned on a flat surface.Touching the screen 'Change Screen mode' button.Touch the screen to touch the Reset based on the current angle is set.